A variety of LGBTQ+ safety pin earrings

You're going to need:

(here are my supplies)

I decided to make the old 8-stripe pride flag. I think that it's really beautiful and it's also very neat how each stripe has a different meaning.

Old 8-stripe pride flag

Once you have your supplies and a pride flag in mind, here's what you're going to do:"

  1. Line your beads up in the correct order for later convenience.
  2. Correct bead order
  3. Thread the beads onto your safety pins. Make sure that you put them on so that the top of the flag starts by the loop and the bottom of the flag ends at the closing mechanism, otherwise you'll end up with upside-down earrings!
  4. Correct bead order vs incorrect bead order
  5. Take your square nosed pliars and crimp the open side of the fastening mechanism so that it's flat and permanently closed. You don't have to do this part, but it'll prevent the pin from opening and spilling beads everywhere so I'd say that it's worth it.
  6. Safety pin fastening close up Crimping safety pin fastening closed
  7. Open the loops at the end of your dangle earring hooks.
  8. Opening dangle earring hook loops
  9. Thread the safety pin loops onto the now-open dangle earring hook loops. Make sure that you have the beaded side of the safety pin on one side for one pin, and on the other side for the other.
  10. Threading safety pin loops onto dangle earring loops
  11. Use your pliars to close the dangle earring hook loops so that the safety pins can't come off.
  12. Closing dangle earring loops Closed dangle earring loops

Congrats, you're done! You can do this basic version, or maybe do a different flag per earring, or even different sized safety pins and amount of beads.

Finished safety pin earrings

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